Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Motivation? Are you out there?

Well here I am-I took a break from the daily workouts(or moving sessions as I call them) since my Mom had to move again so soon. I had to help her pack again, and of course the moving, unpacking and organizing that goes with it-talk about being sore and stressed. Thankfully that's over now, & just when I was done recovering from that it was time for Thanksgiving. I will say I was pretty proud of myself over thanksgiving-I may not have "eaten very healthy" and still did partake in the traditional foods, but I never ate until I was stuffed. I will be honest-I did not and have not weighed myself in a couple weeks. Part of me just doesn't want the bad news...I am pretty sure I have lost nothing. (last year at this time I actually lost weight through thanksgiving-oh well). Now I just can't seem to find the motivation that I had before. Just everyday life is causing me to be sore, sometimes I even wake up extremely sore-not to mention these daily headaches that I have had for a couple weeks now...sigh.
I did celebrate a birthday during this little break I took & although friends and family were all too busy to celebrate, I did get a couple neat gifts. 
Here is a picture of the beautiful new fruit(I have a fruit themed kitchen) rug Jeremy bought me(been looking for 2 yrs for 1-lost my last one in the move but this one is so much prettier):

 And here is the new wall hanging my mom got me:
And then my brother Mike got me an Itunes gift card which was perfect as there was some songs I had been wanting to buy.
That's my update for now. Hopefully soon I will have some more positive news.