Friday, November 4, 2011

Come on body-work with me here!

Well even though I  woke up less sore than yesterday, I did wake up with a MASSIVE headache (that lasted for hours!). I kept thinking to myself-come on body work with me here! I decided to wait for my body to recover one more day before attempting another walk but that doesn't mean I didn't do something active. I ate pretty healthy today so I was proud of myself for that. I had eggs & toast for breakfast then an apple for a snack. I decided one of my activities for the day would be to clean around the apartment. I knew we had one more errand to run later so I was pacing myself. When I got hungry again and it wasn't time for dinner yet I ate a banana. For dinner I had soup (the Progresso Lite soups) and salad. We ran our errand which required more walking around so I felt good about that. A couple hours after dinner I had 1 more snack-some lowfat cottage cheese and a rice cake. On Dr. Oz he mentioned eating smaller meals more often (or eating every few hours) so that's what I have been doing. I ended the evening relaxing on the couch and watching some of my DVRed shows. I feel like today was a good day all in all.