Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gotta start somewhere

Well, here I am- overweight and so unhappy. I feel so unhealthy & it's time for a change. I can't let food control my life anymore. No more excuses. A lot of my friends lately have started their journey to a healthier life, and it has inspired me to start as well. It may be a slow journey but it is gonna happen. I probably won't blog every day, and I haven't taken any pics or measurements yet, but I will soon. 

So today I went on a walk...1 lap around my apartment complex is 1/2 a mile. I was really hoping to do 2 miles. (not sure why since this would be my 1st day back to walking lol, but nevertheless that's what I tried). My 1st problem was that I started going the wrong way around the complex-the way with more uphills-while that isn't a bad thing I am quite certain that I need to work my way up to it lol. Also it was soooo windy today so that made for a struggle too. So needless to say I made it around one time and my calves were hurting and I was in quite a bit of pain. But I couldn't stop there-1/2 a mile just wasn't enough so I turned around and kept going-the other way-with less hills. I made it a little ways and then I was feeling pretty sore and out of breath. I stopped for a break-luckily it was near the playground so there were some benches for me to sit on. As I sat there I was really upset and disappointed in myself. So upset that I have let myself get this out of shape and unhealthy. This past summer was one of the hottest, & most humid summers I have ever experienced here in Oklahoma. For over a month straight the temps were over 100-I am talkin' 115ish degrees or so. It was crazy-and I don't really do well in the heat-especially that heat-so my point is I had a very inactive summer-and even gained the 10lbs or so I had lost before summer. Talk about discouraging.....

But back to my story-so after a couple minute break, I felt like I could continue so I did-music blasting I was determined to get my 1 mile walk in today...AND I DID! I was so proud of myself for doing that mile. Do I wish I could have done more? Of course! But you gotta start somewhere and I need to remember that I need to start slow and not overdo it. 

I plan to eat healthier and the next time we go grocery shopping I hope to buy more healthy snacks this time. I have decided to cut back on things instead of cutting them out completely as far as food goes for no.(since the budget is a little tight at the moment.). Also my #1 big goal is to move every day-do something active-whether it be a walk or just getting out the Wii & doing some Wii fit on there. I can do this-I have to!


Jeffrey Winikoff said...

maybe we can inspire each other, I have been trying the same thing with a blog post detailing where I am on my way to overcome diabetes. message me on facebook if you want a link

Angela said...

That sounds good to me Jeff-I found your blog and I am now following it. I look forward to the support both ways.