Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy week

Well this week has been very busy for me. I have kept my promise to myself though and done something active-even if it's small, every day. (except for Monday when I did school work for several hours). I am pretty proud of that. On Jeremy's days off we ran errands for several hours both days. At the grocery store every single thing we bought was healthy! It was awesome! We are figuring out this new lifestyle more and more, and it is really starting to click with us. After the 1st week of tracking calories, water intake and fitness I had lost 3lbs and I was so excited. Then a couple days ago I got on the scale and gained 2 lbs. The next day gained another lb back-meaning I had gained the 3 that I had lost. Now I know that weight can fluctuate a few lbs, and I did feel bloated which could have been hormonal, but I gotta be honest-I was sooo discouraged and upset. Also the last couple days I haven't drank as much water as I have in the past-still getting the minimum of 8 glasses a day though. Anyway this morning when I weighed myself I was back down the 3lbs I had lost so yeeea! 
I am so extremely sore between the workouts I did at the beginning of the week and then the walking that came along with all the errands. I just hope that that gets better. 
I am so thankful for the support I am getting from all my friends & family. I even have the support of my cats:                      Frisky who says "is it my turn?"

And Sassy who loves that I am eating yogurt for breakfast:

I have also tried Quinoa for the 1st time this week and I have to say it is def one of my new favorites. I look forward to getting some more and using it in recipes all the time! Here is a couple I tried this week:                        
                                                                 Stuffed peppers
Here is the recipe: Healthy stuffed peppers

                                                         Quinoa & Black beans 
Here is the recipe:Quinoa & black beans

I am very proud of this journey that I am on and just hope it keeps getting better from here.


happyascanbe said...

Yummy!! I love Quinua! Those stuffed peppers look amazing. All I do when roasting squash and zucchini is this....

2yellow squash sliced
2 zucchini sliced
drizzle olive oil over them and sprinkle with salt thyme and rosemary. Mix them around your pan and roast in the oven on 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.

The turkey I cut an onion, lemon and orange in quarters and stuff inside with rosemary and thyme sprigs. Pull the skin up off the breast and rub with butter then make a mixture of oil thyme and rosemary leaves with salt and rub on the outside of the turkey. Bake 350 degrees until turkey is 165 degrees at the thickest part of the breast. While baking every 45 minutes baste with the juices from the bottom of baking dish. I add chicken broth and water in the beginning and add more if needed to keep turkey moist.