Friday, January 13, 2012

Back on the horse-let's try this again

Well I am back-back to trying my hardest to get healthy, eat right, & lose weight. I never stopped wanting this-just lots of things have gotten in the way. Seems like I always lose the motivation-which gets frustrating...then I get depressed...which doesn't help. It's a vicious cycle. I just want to feel good, every day-not just about myself but feel healthy. So here I am-doing it again. 

So I started on a website called which I heard about from a few friends. I can't access it from my phone but I am home a lot anyway so that's okay. I have started tracking water intake, calorie intake as well as the fitness I do for the day. I am going to try to do something every day-may not be a "full workout" but just do something-get moving. I have weighed myself, done my body measurements and ready to do this. Jeremy is on board too so he is gonna be right there along with me which is a huge help. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated and really keep this up. 
So far with a few days of doing this under my belt, I have had good days and bad days. But it has made me realize what I am putting in my body, and how much I am eating each day. When I go grab something to eat it has made me think about how many calories is this? And do I need to eat this or is there something more healthy I could be eating? I know this is a learning process-and I won't be perfect at it right away, but through trial & error Jeremy & I will find what's right for us. 
Last night we went grocery shopping-it was really cold out so I put on my heavy winter coat-this was very upsetting because there was no way I could button it. (I don't always button it, but if I had to I definitely couldn't have. I was so upset I was almost on tears. We did get a lot of healthy foods & snacks so here is hoping things do change. Another upsetting thing is that we turned the Wii fit plus on yesterday to get measured back in there. It keeps track of your weigh ins-even years later. We 1st weighed ourselves in December of 2009 & have done it off and on since then. Well-this is the heaviest I have ever been the whole time I have been using the Wii fit program. That was another wake up call-slap on the face if you will.
I am ready to not only lose weight-but change my life. This has to be a lifestyle change! It may be a little slower for us, but it IS going to happen. 
So.....back on the horse-let's try this again!